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Mechanical Design

  • Different Designs:
  • Press Tool Design
  • Die Casting Design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Capabilities
  • Product Design
  • Benefits

Press Tool Design

Metal Stamping is the process of talking blank sheet metal of various thickness and material, and reforming it into different shapes using different operations. Kumar Solutions tool engineers are experts in metal stamping and tool design of various parts from smallest electronic design to large automotive parts.

Capabilities :

  • Blank Development
  • Drawing Tool
  • Bending Tool
  • Progressive Tool
  • Compound Tool
  • Panel Dies
  • Die Casting Design

    Forming the liquid aluminium into the shape we desire, with art of design tooling facility with multi slider attachments which are operated by hydraulic cylinder with timers. The products that fall in this category range from aerospace to automobile sectors.

    Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    Integrated design and drafting for 2D and 3D mechanical designing. We define CAD as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA). Kumar Solutions design and drafting solutions have been helping companies in increasing their product development efficiency. Kumar Solutions deliver increased productivity to your mechanical designers, drafters, and CAD operators.


  • Pressure die casting die
  • Gravity die casting dies
  • Product Design

    Here at Kumar solutions we take your concept ideas through the full development process to final product. Using state of the art of Kumar Solutions and analysis tools we can quickly evaluate new concepts and become a fully integrated partner in your development project.


  • Supply in depth analysis to customer allowing them to confidently proceed to take new designs to production.
  • Provide customer with extra development resources which are needed at peak times to enable quick evolution of design concept and keep up to meet the project deadlines.
  • Provide free insight and ideas enabling realistic solutions to be quickly found.